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Recharge Your Battery in 15 minutes

New Year’s Resolution 2012: “I’m going to start taking better care of myself.”
New Year’s Resolution 2013: “I am REALLY going to take better care of myself.”
New Years’ Resolution 2014: “This year for SURE. I promise to take better care of myself.”
Let us help you achieve your promise to yourself. Give us 15 minutes a week. We will help you learn to de-stress, calm down, and be kinder to yourself.
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offering a 15-minute instruction on how you can begin to take care of yourself. Every Tuesday in the EAP suite 560, from 12:15-12:30, Bridget Mixon, LGSW, will show you how you can feel better in 15 minutes.
February 4, 2014, a snack will be provided during the 15 minutes of Calm this week
February 11, 2014, a new technique will be introduced.
February 18, 2014, a different de-stressing activity will be taught
February 25, 2014, the final skill of the month will be shown to you.

In March, we will repeat the techniques again, so you can come and participate, fine tune what you already learned, bring your coworkers, or just use the time with us to force yourself to take a breath!

For more information, please call the EAP at 8-5860, or email Maureen at