Financial Wellness

KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education, a product of Consolidated Credit has comprehensive financial literacy information stocked to promote financial wellness.

Check out resources designed to assist individuals in managing student loan debt and further your understanding about financial realities of college graduates.

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GoToWebinar: Student Loans- Part 2 
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Smoking Cessation

If you are interested in Tobacco Cessation, the EAP offers group and individual counseling for employees and family members. In addition, additional treatment such as neurofeedback and Reiki can be used to support the recovery from tobacco habits. Call us at 667.214.1555 to learn how we can help you!


Are you taking care of others at work and at home and neglecting to care for yourself? The EAP can offer you a self care assessment and a customized plan to help you add some self care into YOUR life. Call us today at 667.214.1555.